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Pre-application conferences are held by appointment on Tuesday afternoons between the hours of 1-4 PM. Please call (386) 329-0491 to schedule an appointment with staff. For your convenience, meetings may be held in person or via telecommunication.


“The Planning and Zoning Division is here to assist the public through the development process to promote compliance with the Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The Division’s staff serves an advisory role to the Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Adjustment. Call the Planning & Zoning Division at (386) 329-0491 if you have questions about the land development code, the comprehensive plan, or would like more information about your property. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions tab for more information.”

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Land Development Code

Land Development Code

Click on the link below to be directed to the Florida Municode Library page to find all related land development code ordinances for Putnam County.


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Putnam County Comprehensive Plan – Elements

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Putnam County Comprehensive Plan – Future Land Use Element Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my fence have to face “good side” toward neighbor?
A: Yes, fences must have the “good side” facing out in residential classifications.

Q: In residential zoning, can I build a garage or storage shed before I build my house?
A: Only if you have obtained a building permit for single family dwelling (the principal structure) first.

Q: Can I build a guest house on the same lot I live on?
A: In some cases, yes. Guest houses or accessory dwelling units are intended for temporary guests. Under certain circumstances, a garage apartment may be built on your lot. Check with Zoning for additional information.

Q: I want to put a storage shed in my back yard. How close to the property line can it be placed?
A: Typically, a storage shed must meet setbacks designated for the zoning district. However, if you live on a waterbody, a corner lot, agriculturally zoned property, or if your property is subject to easements, this could change. Storage sheds require a zoning permit from Planning Development Services.

Q: How can I rezone my property?
A: Contact a planner for a pre-application meeting at (386) 329-0491. This meeting is at no cost to you and can be very helpful in the rezoning process. Click here for the rezoning application.

Q: What is my property zoned?
A: The zoning district for each property in Putnam County is available through the Property Appraisers’ website. Click here to initiate a property search. Once the properties information has been identified, click on the “Land” tab. The second table has three categories: “Departments” which identifies the municipal jurisdiction; “Zoning Data” which identifies the zoning district; and “Future Land Use Map” which identifies the Future Land Use designation for the property.

Q: Where can I park my boat or RV for storage?
A: In residential zoning classifications, boats, RV’s and utility trailers are required to be parked behind or beside the dwelling unit. They must set back from the property lines per the required setback for the zoning district. For specific regulation contact Zoning at (386) 329-0316.

Q: Can I put a mobile home on my property?
A: Mobile homes are allowed in the following zoning districts: Agriculture (AG), Residential- 2 (R-2), Residential Mobile Home Park (RMH).

Q: What are my building setbacks?
A: A building setback is the required distance that a building must be located from the property lines. Building setbacks are determined by your zoning classification. The Zoning Technician needs to determine the zoning of your property in order to give you the setbacks for buildings built or proposed on your property. Click here for zoning brochures which identify the setbacks of your zoning district and much more.

Q: What if I want to sell part of my property to my neighbor?
A: Putnam County has a process for the review of an Exempt Subdivision Application. The application is reviewed for compliance with Zoning’s minimum lot size, verification that the original parcels have legal standing status, and verification that there are no platted easements which would be affected by the adjustment. Click here for a PDF version of the application.

Q: I have more than one (1) lot and want to combine them in order to build.
A: Putnam County has a process for the review to combine certain lots. You must submit a Combination Request form to the Property Appraiser’s with written approval from Planning & Development Services.

Q: Can my lot be subdivided?
A: Every zoning classification requires a minimum lot size. Each piece of property has a Zoning Classification and a Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Designation. These two documents and the Putnam County Land Development Code, govern how a property can be divided. For a formal answer to this question, apply for a Lot Inquiry. The lot inquiry costs $45 and the department has up to 4 weeks to answer the inquiry. However, the majority of lot inquiries are answered within 2 weeks.

Q: Is my lot buildable?
A: Not all property is eligible for a building permit. For a formal answer to this question, apply for a Lot Inquiry. The lot inquiry costs $45 and the department has up to 4 weeks to answer the inquiry. However, the majority of lot inquiries are answered within 2 weeks.

Q: Where can I find a copy of my platted subdivision?
A: The Putnam County Clerk of the Circuit Court records and maintains all recorded plats in the county. Please visit here to view public records in Putnam County.

Q: Who do I contact to find out how to develop my property?
A: Contact the Putnam County Planning & Zoning Division:

Zoning: (386) 329-0316
Planning: (386) 329-0491

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