911 Division

Venessa Thompson

911 Coordinator

Address & Office Hours

Address: 2509 Crill Avenue
Suite 300
Palatka, FL, 32177
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm

Contact Information

Main Office: (386) 329-0381


Apply/Change for 911 Address

911 Documents


Text to 911

Allows you to send emergency text messages to the local 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) when calling is not an option. It is especially useful for people who may be deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech impaired or if speaking out loud puts you in danger.
The phone carriers send your text message to the appropriate 911 PSAP in Putnam County.
By providing details of your location and type of emergency the call-taker will be able to help ensure the appropriate service is dispatched quickly.
It is ALWAYS IMPORTANT to know your location, address & city, and provide the information to the call-taker.
Note: If texting to 911 is not available in your current location, your phone carrier will send you a message requesting that you make a voice call to 911.

How To Display Your Address

The 911 address numbers must be affixed to the front of the structure, preferably near the main entrance.
Note: If the structure’s address display is not visible from the street, the address number should also be displayed near where the driveway meets the street
This address display can be affixed to a structure with a contrasting background (e.g., post, wall, or fence), so they are clearly visible from the roadway on which the building is addressed.
For properties with multiple addresses (i.e., Units, Apartments, Suite, etc…), the posted address may be abbreviated. Example: 300 Main St, Unit 21 = 300-21.
Click here for the Putnam County Street Naming and Addressing Policy.

Prepaid and Non-activated Cell Phones

Did you know that by keeping old phones charged you can use them to call 9 1 1 even if it is not activated?
Non-activated cell phones do not have a service contract nor an assigned provider.
Prepaid has an assigned provider but no contract. Be aware when using a phone without a service contract (non-activated and prepaid), if the call gets disconnected, YOU MUST redial 9 1 1. Pre-paid and non-activated cell phones do not provide the call taker with your phone number.
Remember — do not hang up until the 911 call taker says it is ok to hang-up.

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